The Conclave

The Conclave

First a little history. The Conclave was officially formed back in 1997 when UO (Ultima Online) was released. We had always been avid gamers playing D&D and multiplayer computer games. With Ultima Online and their guild system we decided to create a guild and website with message boards to foster communication. We had a blast in UO, and when EQ (Everquest) was released in 1999 we migrated there, we also updated to Cold Fusion, and setup some nice database interactivity for Member Pages etc. We began recruiting new members in EQ, and had some success. Dying interest by a large portion of the members, and a server split caused many members of The Conclave to take a bit of a hiatus. We came together and played some Dark Age of Camelot and have continued to play many other games together morphing into a muti-gaming guild. We continue to play some games, leave others behind but are always on the lookout for something new to waste our time and money on.

The Conclave is dedicated first and foremost to it's members. We are here to have fun, different people will have different things they find fun about a particular game. We won't force any one playstyle on the guild, we think that it's possible for many people with differing opinions to come together and be a positive force in the games we play. We will never put restrictions on how much or often you must play a game, any restrictions on activity will be based on interaction/usage here on the website, and will be very lenient.

We're here to hang out and have fun with each other playing the games we enjoy. If you decide to stop playing a game you are still more than welcome on the site. We have built a community here dedicated to more than just today's game. Maybe you will be able to play the next game with us, maybe you don't have time for games much anymore. Whatever the case you're always welcome here.

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