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Becoming a member of The Conclave is quite easy, however keep in mind that it is possible you or some of your friends may not be accepted as members. This does not mean that we can't still enjoy each others company. You do not have to be in the guild for each and every game that we play. If you are already in another guild in that game, or wish to play that particular game with another group of friends, no problem.

This is your status when you first sign up on the site. You can read and post to the public forums and are welcome to hang out with other members. This is perfect for just hanging out with members on the site, you don't have to want to join the guild to be a visitor. If you invite your friends to come here they can still join in the fun and conversation on the boards at this level.

If you decide you want to join the guild in one of the games that we play you will become a Recruit. Each game will have it's own requirements for becoming a Recruit in that game, this may include requiring other members to sponsor you. Depending on the in-game mechanics you may or may not be "tagged" as a member at this stage in that game. As a Recruit you will gain access to the private sections of the site pertaining to that particular game. During your time as a Recruit you should try to get to know as many other members as possible. It is these other members who are responsible for voting to promote you to full member status. To this end you will be required to visit the site at least once per week during your Recruit phase.

To become a Member you will be put up for advancement by a vote of the current membership after a certain period of time. (Note: Each game will have it's own time requirement before the advancement vote, there might also be other game-specific requirements you must meet.) The active membership in that game will be asked to vote Yes, No or Postpone. In order to advance to this stage you must receive a Yes vote from at least 65% of the membership.

If you fail to get at least 65% Yes votes, or get 10% or more No votes then you will fail to advance. You will then be put up for another advancement vote two weeks later. Use this time to try and get to know a few more guild members, or put to rest any fears that may have caused you to receive some No votes. If you fail to advance 3 times then it is apparent that the guild may not be the best fit for you in that particular game.

Once you have successfully become a full Member you will now be given the right to vote on game policy matters, Advancement Votes and the ability to sponsor Recruits (if required) for that game. Once you are a Member if you wish to join another game then you will be brought into that game as a Recruit, bypassing whatever requirements that game has. You must still advance in that game to Member though, meeting whatever requirements they have including advancement votes. The website here is the central point of contact for all the game guilds. It's here that we plan events, make policy decisions etc. We ask that you continue to visit the site often (at least once a week), but it's not a requirement. If you fail to visit the site for more than a month however then you may be demoted.

Once you have been advanced to Member in at least 3 games you will be put up for advancement where the Enclave members will vote Yes, No or Postpone to promote you to Enclave. If you receive 65% Yes votes you will be advanced to Enclave, if you receive less than 65% Yes, or 10% or more No votes then you will remain a Member. You will be brought up for advancement again when you have become a member of another game. As an Enclave you may join any game that we play as a full Member, bypassing all requirements and advancement votes.

The Officers are the ones who set the policy of The Conclave, determining which matters need to be put before the guild for a vote. If problems arise in any of the games that the game officers can't handle they are the ones who will decide what course of action to take. Ultimately the Guildmasters have the final word, but for the most part the Officers as a whole govern the guild.

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