The Conclave
Member: Stratos
Rank: Member
BR13 - Magrider/Engineering/Medium Assault/Special Assault/Reinforced Exosuit

Implants (currently) - Audio and Targeting

We got Magrider!

"Ode to the Magrider" to the tune of Baby Got Back

I like to squish and I cannot lie
You other factions can't deny
That when my Mag rolls by with its levitating cry
You get wrung
You wanna respawn tough
But you notice that the Mag gunner is rough
Deep in your AMS he's blastin
Your fragged again and we can't stop laughing
Oh baby, I'm bent
On kickin you right off this continent
My squadmates tried a warnin
But that ego you got equals
More lawn-mowin
Ooh, gun down that guy jumpin
You say you wanna get some AV
Well use it, cuz you're just another TR/NC noobie
I've seen their tanks gunnin
To hell with my Mag runnin
Vanguards, Prowlers doodle like a toy poodle
I'm tired of these hobo's
Tryin to take out my Magrider mojo
Take the average VS man and give him a battleplan
With the Magrider we got much back, so

Fellas (yeah), fellas (yeah)
Has the VS got your back (hell yeah)
Well drive it, gun it, mow it, blast it, pimp that Magrider
VS got back

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