The Conclave
Raydiant Roxie
Member: Stratos
Rank: Member
Lvl 8
Mutant Defender
Primary Power - Radiation Emission
Secondary Power - Radiation Blast

So I was like born with these radiation powers, which are pretty cool, except for when I like melt stuff by accident, like that one time when I meant to pack the purple scrunchie but grabbed the pink one and I like got all mad and ended up melting another superhero's bag, who was sitting next to me when I found out, which I felt really bad about but I was like able to get her a new one that looked like totally the same and now we take yoga classes together. Anyways, I like totally dig helping stop those bad meanies in Paragon City and I can really help when teamed up with those 'tough guy' types, which like reminds me of this one time when I like...

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