The Conclave
Dragonkin Gold
Member: Elyk
Rank: Member
Forcefield / Energyblast defender

Scales, teeth, and claws from dragons are occassionally recovered from excavations throughout the world. All attempts from scientists to clone to original form of the dragon have failed. Several magical experts believe that because dragons are inherntly born with magic, that they cannot be created through science. Regardless other attempts have been made to cross the DNA of the dragon with a human, this exercise meets with failure most of the time.

I say most of the time, because one scientist superhero named Dr. Smartypants and a magician named The Magic Hands Master, were able to create a half-dragon half man, by infusing magic into the process of the DNA splicing.

The only surviving gold scale ever found was used to create Dragonkin Gold.

Dragonkin Gold was raised at a school for superheroes, and despite having gold scales all over his body, he fit right in. However, Dragonkin Gold aged much faster than others around him.. and reached full maturity in only 5 years. After reaching that age, he seems to be in a state of stasis.. aging no further.

Today he fights crime in paragon city alongside other heroes. Many people say that Dragonkin Gold emits an aura, that just being around him not only brings good fortune, but acts as a shield that seems to encase everyone around him in near invulnerability.

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