The Conclave
Cat 5
Member: Stratos
Rank: Member
Lvl 34
Mutant Defender
Primary Power - Storm Summoning
Secondary Power - Energy Blast

Around my teenage years I began to realize the innate ablities my body was able to manifest. Through the innocence of youth I wielded my powers foolishly, usually to the direct benefit of my friends or myself. Although I do remember getting a few good laughs out of it: school cancelations for 'X' weather condition, that time I blew the prom queens dress off for snobbing my girls, oh and of course my favorite... the strong gusts of winds on the opposing teams 3rd down plays.

All of that changed the day my path crossed with Antonio Nash. During my senior year of school we had a field trip scheduled to City Hall to introduce the students into the local voting process. While we were there my friends egged me to gale the voting box as a funny prank and blow the ballots all over the building (you know your usual mischevious teenager stuff), and of course I obliged. Antonio, who works for G.I.F.T. at City Hall, quickly spotted the use of my mutant power and took note, he knew it wasn't often that he would spot a mutant with my type of abilities.

I was flattered and shocked the first time he contacted me and told me who he was. After all I was just a girl in high school trying to fit in, I was blind to the evils that had bescheed our beloved city. Antonio taught me many things, most of all my reverence for the city and all that is left of good in this world. Through the patient work of some of Antonio's most trusted contacts I was able learn how to harness my energy into powers that would greatly assist other Heroes in our quest to save Paragon.

Most of the Heroes I now Defend are part of an elite hero supergroup known as the C.O.N.C.L.A.V.E. The supergroup is definately shy in the female department (only 2) but we get along just fine. I am still not sure what the acronym stands for but I feel very welcome there and always get the chance to fight for good.

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